Sunday hangoverday
Sunday, June 24, 2007

I did absolutely nothing except watching episodes of Sex and the City which I've seen over a hundred times and reading parts of my favourite books. Cris, Emily and I went to a party, thrown by Cris' new squeeze, yesterday. The theme was trailerpark trash and there were lots and lots of wierdos! Dressed in tacky outfits! Fluorescent biker leggings, golden chain necklaces and dirty pants were the uniform of that night. I didn't dress up (or down, actually) because I really don't have an outfit like that lying around the house. So I just came as me. We totally rocked the dancefloor (according to us!) and had great fun. It was so nice to go out, just the three of us. We don't go dancing as much nowadays. Guess we're getting a wee bit older.

I've also spent some lovely time with B this weekend, we went to a museum that showed an exhibition by Yoshitomo Nara. There were these wonderful beautiful paintings but it was exceptionally cool that lots of paintings were set up in an old wooden house, with different rooms to go into to see the artwork. It was very good and I felt it's a shame that the exhibition didn't have more work. I'm a bit sad when something great is over, and always too soon for my taste.

We woke up really early to check out the exhibition so we were back outside at one in the afternoon. We decided to go to IKEA, I've wanted to go there for ages 'cause my house needs some serious improvement but we never found time during the week. B doesn't want to go on weekends because it's so incredibly busy then. He indulged me and we made a bet. He would ask me on our way out if it was as horrible as he said it was, with crying kids, long lines and stinky, sweaty people. And if he was right, then I'd have to cook him this big elaborate meal. If it wasn't all that bad he'd be the one doing the cooking.

We were only ten minutes inside when I had no choice but to tell him he was right. I'm cooking dinner this wednesday for B and his recently seperated friend.

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