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Sunday, May 13, 2007

I have a new job since thursday. It's about as shitty as the last one but I have to work you know. And not only because of the dough. I had a lot of free time these last few weeks when I was done with all my exams and my sole purpose was to write my thesis. Well, those were the least productive weeks I've ever had! It's works far better for me to work a job three days a week and work hard on my thesis the other days of the week. Otherwise my lazy ass'll just sit around for seven. Not a good thing!

This weekend was family-filled, but not always full of fun for me. A barbeque with all the inlaws including aunts, uncles and nephews is just not my favourite way to spend my saturday night. But as B said: "After this we will be free for a whole year!". For some reason we also went to have dinner with his parents on friday so I had a bit of an inlaw overdose. I'm so glad I have the nicest MIL, what would I do without her? My FIL is very sweet too, I just have to ignore the extremely loud burping and swearing . I swear too, but in my book parents need not curse. I know I'm a fuckin' hypocrite. I'm sorry. (Actually, no I'm not.) I hate it even more when he takes his bad mood out on MIL and she gets real quiet and puts up a front like it doesn't bother her.
Luckily I had spend saturday at my moms and my grandma was there too. We went shopping, just the three of us and that was great! We don't get to do that often.
I guess building a life together with B means finding balance in both our family lives.

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