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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Because of the "fact" that Jesus flew to heaven 2007 years ago I had a four day long weekend. Yay! I went to dinner with four high school girlfriends and I had great fun. Once every two or three months we go out to dinner and we don't look at prizes when we pick out restaurants. It has always been the four of us, one time another girl joined us but in all our arrogantness we all thought but didn't say it outloud that she was too witless to become a regular. I'm a bit ashamed but not enough;-) It was just that all she ever contributed to the conversation was sex. And I like sex as much as the next person but I do not want to know what size of your bedmate's penis is and I certainly don't want to discuss my man's penis. Get tha fuck outta here! Anyways, one of the girls is going to live in Curacao at the end of the year with her boyfriend. It's a shame because she always lets this guy come first. She was "the other woman" for two years, he doesn't want to meet any of her friends and she's basically at his beck and call. But she loves him so we don't say a thing. She's going to visit his parents for a month in August and she already said "a month is so long...". I saw the doubt in her eyes and I hate it.

After dinner we went karaoke-ing in some dodgy Thai karaoke place where I'm sure blow was being dealt. We ignored it all together (too much wine!) and we sung 'Under the bridge'. It was so fucking funny my stomach hurt! I'd never done that before and I'm sure we'll get back to that place every once in a while. I really laughed my butt off when my girl Karolyn (who's still going to a lot of heartache with her two timing but still loving ex) sung 'Foolish' by Ashanti so convincingly it hurt! Gotta love my girls, man.



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