An old love
Monday, May 28, 2007

I had a birthday party yesterday and I went with my best pal Otto. We had lots of fun drinking beers& sangria and eating fried food. I saw an old friend of mine, Frank with whom I had a nice friendship which we spoiled by fooling around. We didn't have sex and didn't kiss butafter more than 10 tequila's at a dinner party hosted by Emily's mom we definitely copped a feel. Which on itself isn't that bad but I had a boyfriend at the time (it's been four years time flies!) and I couldn't handle the fact that I had been so sinful. Every time I saw him I was reminded of how I lost my innocence. (yep, I can be that melodramatic;-) So we both stoppped calling eachother and it was for the best. One of the last conversations we had was when he told me I could have had him. And I did felt love for him but not in the relationship kind of way. So now he has this really cute kid, who's one and a half years old and he looks like such a terrific dad. Life has a way of working things out, I guess.

My best friend in high school, Steve was also there with his girlfriend. We were the best of friends and when things were not going well for me (I was 16) I lived with his family for a year or so. They played a key role in my recovery-plan and I love them so much! I had dinner with his mom on tuesday, she's my surrogatemom. She calls me her fake daughter;-)) Anyways, Steve's girlfriend is this super creative force and she has asked me to help her out at a design exhibition. She makes these really cool bags out of the inner tube of bicycle tires. She herself is going to demonstrate at a G8 convention. That's so funny! So I'm gonna take place in her stand amongst all the other design stuff and just have a good time. It is gonna be a busy week though, since I have to work 6 days in a row. I'm looking forward to it already!

I'm gonna have to work at my thesis right now. Blegh. It was funny 'cause at the party there were other friends of mine who were also struggling with their thesis. All with the same kinds of frustrations. You will never walk alone;-))

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