Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More happiness! I got my first (small but still) real writing job! The designer who I'm gonna help out at the exhibition next week has asked me to be help her some more by being her press chick. So I've just written my first caption. I know this is definitely gonna interfere with my thesis, if I don't watch out. But today I finished my thesis work first and rewarded myself with writing for my designer friend. So far so good;-)) Tomorrow I'm gonna buy my mom a present (she'll turn 46 this thursday), get some much needed groceries (I've been wipin' my ass with kleenex for the past week) and swing by the library to get some books. Come to think of it, I have enough material about AA here. I must stop getting more and more books and leaflets and stuff and just go write the damn thing already. Djeez, I'm bugging myself!



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