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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Instead of working on the presentation I have to give wednesday about "In a different voice" (which I still haven't finished!) I took photos of the artwork in my living room. Do I have to have a reason ;-)

Got this one for my 24th (?) birthday from B. It's a Chinese view painted on silk. There's a crack in the glass and I got it that way, B said we could fix it but I kinda like it when it's not perfect.

I bought this picture at a place that was going bankrupt so I got it for cheap. It's kitsch and I love it! The colors are great with the rest of the room.

This was also a present from B for my 24th (again ??) birthday. It's an illegal print so that's not so nice of us but when I graduate and get a job I intend to get the real deal from the artist himself. On the bottom left says "To Walt". I think it's hilarious that my boyfriend gave me a birthdaypresent with that written on it!

And finally the man himself. I get a real good feeling from him whenever I look or touch him. When I saw him at the store I knew I just had to buy him...he's so tough! You can't really see him that well, due to my lack of photographic talent but I think you get the picture. My Dad says ghosts like to live inside of puppets like this and that I have to be careful with it. It's the same reason why it's better not to have wajang-dolls in the house. But I don't know, I believe in that sort things a little bit (hey, I was brought up with that!) but I refuse to be afraid of objects. So if there's a ghost in there I'd like to believe it's most definitely a good one!

Writing this post, I realized that I got a lot of this from my boyfriend. Sometimes when I think of our failed family I get real lonely but I'm so lucky to have a not-perfect man by my sooo not-perfect side! I also have ass kickin' friends so maybe I should think of these people more when I'm feeling blue. As an antidote of some sort.


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