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Saturday, April 21, 2007

These are the items I've treated myself to! I'm not really sure about the bathing suit, I always wear bikini's and the leopard print all over my body might be a bit too wild and daring for me. If it is, I'll send it back and order the bikini. I don't know but I like the new animalprints! They're fun!

Yesterday B took me out to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant. The service is not fantastic, but the food is the best and the atmosphere is just great! It's not a real big place and in the middle of the restaurant there are a whole bunch of toys, crayons, little tables and other kid's stuff. The children are running around everywhere and there's always some kid crying. I'm not a mom but I guess that's what kids do sometimes, you can't really blame anyone for that. It's the only place in our city, that I know of, that's so childfriendly and the parents don't have to be embarrassed like in other restaurants. Next stop was the arcade at the beach where we kicked some zombie-asses. I love "House of the dead 4"!! In the end we drank a few beers at a pub and headed home. I had a good day indeed!

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