Sort of funny in a disturbed way
Friday, April 20, 2007

I sure had a fucked up dream the other night. I was on the beach with my mom and dad. We were all in bathing suits and having a great time. Which is pretty weird considering we always went to the beach with my brother, mom and me only. My dad was usually busy working or something. And also, my mom was always dressed, she was never in her bathing suit. Anyways, all of a sudden this guy comes in and makes the moves on my mom. Chatting her up, putting his arms around him. I was very mad and upset but being a small kid I couldn't do anything about it. It frustrated the hell outta me and I absolutely hated the guy! It was a nightmare, short and not-so-sweet. I felt so weird waking up. But, the weirdest part is, do you know who that home-wrecking mofo was???

Tim the Toolman Taylor!!!! That shit ain't right, man...



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