Once a cheater
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My girl Karolyn, who's having the shittiest time with her- at the moment- ex came to dinner tonight. He cheated on her with his ex in a club (?!). They were gonna to try to work things out because they love eachother so much. Well, all they did was drive eachother crazy these past few months. It would have only worked if he did every damn thing she said but it just doesn't work that way. She's so frustrated and goes clubbing all the time just to forget things. She was still hungover from this weekend, too much kite flying I guess. I don't think that's the smartest thing to do when your heart's broken like that. I really feel for her but I can't really do anything about it.

On a lighter note (but very irritating): I seem to have eczema or some shit like that. It started this winter when I had really dry, quickly irritated skin (never had that before) and now I have 5 weird looking spots, slightly bigger than peas, in the hollows of my knees. They scare the hell out of me! So I did what every normal girl would do whose doctor is on vacation 'till the 6th of May; check the internets. There was one useful tip: at the end of your luke-warm(!) shower put baby-oil all over your body, rinse one time and get the hell outta there. So that's what I'm doing. It's too soon to see if it works but it sure feels good! I'm not gonna freak out just yet. I'm just gonna turn in very early 'cause it seems that stress and not enough sleep can activate eczema.

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Blogger One Talent had this to say:

Hey Cat! I've got these brown spots down the front of my shins, you know between my knees and my foot, for half a year before I went to the doctor. The doc told me it was eczema, although they aren't itchy or painful. He gave me a kind of prescription ointment and now they are *slowly* fading away. I alos have skin peeling from my knuckles from time to time and the doc said it is the same thing. I thought to qualify for eczema they have to be itchy or painful? Maybe it's just really dry skin. But I'll try your remedy if they turn itchy or painful.

April 25, 2007 at 7:50 AM 

Blogger Catlin had this to say:

Hiya! My spots do not itch or hurt either! They're just sittin' there... I do have a little bit of itch on my sides (but no spots) so I guess that's definitely eczema. I hope the doctor comes back before I turn into a leopard or something;-)

April 25, 2007 at 9:33 AM 

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