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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I've been thinking about my thesis these last couple of weeks and I'm very interested in Alcoholics Anonymous. I took a few courses where they were referring to AA in class and textbooks. It seems that AA has a pretty tight structure as in what they're communicating and how they're doing that. For instance, you have this AA-bible where typical AA narratives are being told and researchers say that at meetings they tend to mold the stories from alcoholics into these AA narratives. Elements in stories of alcoholics that don't fit the profile are ignored. I'd like to write my thesis about this and I've been making phone calls to see if I can get some interviews and of course attend some meetings so I can see for myself. Maybe it's not even like it says in the textbooks, who knows?

It's been difficult, some people are very much into the anonymous part. Whenever I speak to anyone they only tell their first names and they explicitly tell me they only want to know my first name. So we're all like Madonna or something, right? It seemed very difficult to get interviews with people from the organisations and I most definitely cannot attend meetings. That was kind of shitty because I already saw me picking another subject for my thesis, one that I'm not as excited about.

But my luck has changed! Today a man without a last name called me back, and said it would be no problem if I came to one of his meetings. So I'm going tomorrow evening! I'm so happy I've found a door I could put my foot in. And it's also a little bit of sunshine in my head as far as school is concerned. Because if I can not graduate this spring at least I'll have an exciting project to work on in the mean time. But I still really really really hope I'll pass my exam! I'll hear the results on friday so the tension will be released pretty damn quick.


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Tell us how it goes/went!!!

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