Funfilled weekend and deadtired right now
Sunday, April 1, 2007

This friday B and I decided it was time for some culture! So we went to a play from a literary theatercompany; it was great! We had never seen anything from this particular company and it was very suprising that they were so wonderful. It was based on the novel "Death Kit" from the American novelist Susan Sontag. It was the good psychological shit, and they were mixing it up with absurd music and cabaret-like interludes. I was very tired friday night but this play really gave me a kick in the ass. In a good way;-)

Saturday afternoon B and I went shopping, which was really great because it'll be the last time, for now at least. I have to cut down on my spending. I've told my manager that I'll be looking for another job because I don't like working there anymore. It bores the shit out of me and I'm beginning to detest the girl that sits across me. She's really sneaky about trying to let me do her work and since I'd already decided that this was going to be the last month here I totally ratted her out to the big boss. It's not really pretty of me but it's been bugging me from the start and I'm afraid she'll be like that with other people too. So I'm gonna call the temp agency again tomorrow to see if they have another- less shitty- job for me.

Yesterday night B's two best friends Conrad and Arvink both celebrated their thirtieth birthday together. They'd invited 40 people but only 20 or something showed up. And half of that 20 left at 10:30 pm so that was a bit dissapointing... the hard core friends (including B& me) stayed 'till the end and after midnight we went with all the leftover friends to a club where the lot of them went kite flying. B and I weren't up for it, also because we decided last newyear's (you can read about it here if you want) that we were through with that shit. At one point we both thought "hey, what the heck, they're only celebrating their 30th birthday once?!" but in the end we didn't and let me tell you it was a fuckin' great feeling to wake up this sunday morning feeling as fresh as daisies! B was also very pleased with himself to have fought (and overwon!) temptation. Wow, maybe we are getting a little older and wiser? Who knows? But then again, maybe not because I haven't done any schoolwork this whole weekend and it's 10 pm right now and I have to cover lots and lots of ground. Oh well...

By the way, B and I are doing great! We've reached a whole new level in our relationship right now and I'm just smitten. Yay!

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