Peruvian girl stealing slippers
Sunday, March 25, 2007

My good friend, Emily, is going to Peru for seven weeks. By herself. Wow! She has been there two years ago to study Spanish and do some volunteerwork (for which she had to pay, very weird but also understandable). Another friend of ours turned 30 (??) so we mixed it up friday and had a dinner party for the both of them. It was great fun! We went to the restaurant where I used to work and had a fantastic sushi (you're right Misty, I've turned into sushi;-)) dinner. I can't help it, I love the taste of raw fish. However, I hate the taste of raw meat, especially bloody meat eeew!! Anyway, we were sitting on the floor on tatami mats and if you wanna go to the toilet there were these wooden slippers you could wear:

After drinking and eating quite a bit we decided to go dancing at a small club in town. While standing at the bar Emily opened her bag for me to look inside and there they were: the slippers!!! Crazy bitch! I told her she had to bring them back 'cause stealing is so not cool! Besides, they're my old bosses and they're very sweet and still give me a discount even though I don't even work there anymore. I slept over at her house and the next morning we watched 10 episodes of Sex&the City. Yesterday she did the walk of shame and brought them back together with a nice tip.

Saturday I went to my great-aunt's 70th birthday from my Dad's side with my mom. I didn't understand why my mom wanted to go there. I suspected she wanted to see my Dad but I knew he doesn't want to see her again so I phoned him to say I was going with my mom. He told me he wasn't even invited. Gosh my family is so big and there's always something weird going on, I don't even know why I bother sometimes.
I saw a movie called "Five fingers" with Ryan Philippe and Laurence Fishburne. It sucked! A definite must-not-see;-)

Today B and I painted his kitchen and did lunch together. I love him so much and things are looking up for us at the moment... gotta enjoy it while it lasts!:-))

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