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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yesterday evening I went out to dinner with one of my girlfriends Sandy. She's the ex of B's best friend. When they broke up I was a bit sad, not just for their loss of love but also for egocentric reasons. The four of us used to go out clubbing, have dinner or just chill out at their place and it was always great fun! I was so happy with that, it's so nice to be good friends with another couple. I think it's really special when four people of two couples all like eachother and can get along with eachother so well. And also Sandy's 10 years older than me and just has perfect hostess skills. A bit like Bree van de Kamp minus the neurosis. I always feel so at home at her place, I get a bit of an older sister-vibe from it. But I wouldn't know, 'cause I don't have a sister only a brother with whom I can't really get along.

B's best friend Conrad dumped Sandy a year ago and she's hitted the dating scene ever since. She always tells me all the horror stories about the crazy, commitment-phobic, substance abusing, sexist men she dates. If you'd believe her, it's not so great to be single and 36 and the cliche about all the good ones being taken is so true!

Anyways, we went out to dinner where we talked so much it was as if our lives depended on it. After that we went for a drink and we decided to go clubbing, there was this really good DJ in town and it was free admission for ladies. At first it wasn't very cool, there were 40 girls (of course) in quite a big venue and we all just stood on the side of the dancefloor. I had a high school deja-vu! (but unlike Beyonce, we were not having spasms on the dancefloor, thank God) I really wanted to go home but all of a sudden we were having an unexpected great time rocking the dancefloor! And a great guy she'd met at another club was there too. He's 26 (Conrad is also 6 years her junior) and at one point they had a snog on the dancefloor; it really was highschool all over again! I was having breakfast this morning when she texted me; I guess love and spring are in the air!

My fiancee just left haha! What a cutie, can I keep him? It's only a ten year difference;-) It sure was unexpectedly fun yesterday, we should do that more often! Xxx


Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR had this to say:

Oh, that is awesome! Sounds like she had a really good time.

March 13, 2007 at 12:40 PM 

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