Workin' nine to five
Thursday, February 8, 2007

First day at work and it was ok, I guess. The job's at city hall and I share a room with two other girls, one of which I'm the replacement for. She immediately gave me the lowdown on the other girl, i.e. she can be really bossy (that's ok, I can be bossier- is that a word?), she wants to give me all the dirty jobs (I don't care as long as I get that check every week). I hate gossiping like that about someone I've just met 10 minutes ago especially when I have to work with that person. It's a typical girlish thing to do and I really felt like a boy when she was going on and on like that. After that I went to eat pizza with one of my best girlfriends C.C. and we both fell asleep during CSI Miami. That chronic'll do that to you. I took a very refreshing walk home after that.

I haven't seen my boyfriend all week. We talk a lot on the phone but we've both been busy and I guess we both need some breathing space. He had been filming a tv-commercial for a crisps-brand today. It's not excactly my cup of tea, but he likes it and it pays really well. When I don't get to see him for this long, I always feel like he exists in a parallel universe or something like that, or anywhere else but here. Yes dear, keep smokin' that hay. (Stupid thing is, I meant what I said!)

I'm behind on my reading, I have to tutor my collegegroup on monday, grrr.

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Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR had this to say:

Congrats on the first day of work. What are you going to school for?

February 9, 2007 at 5:25 AM 

Blogger Catlin had this to say:


I'm getting my master's in Communication. I hope.

February 10, 2007 at 2:28 AM 

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