Tired yet satisfied
Friday, February 2, 2007

The past 24 hours were brutal. And it was my own fault. I've been working on my reports around the clock this week (well, sort of) but since we also had tickets for the filmfestival I really had to haul ass. I was on schedule yesterday, so I went to my boyfriend's to have some dinner and after that we saw the movie 'Red Road'. It's a Scottish movie about a woman whose husband and daughter got killed in a car crash. The driver's sentenced to 10 years in prison. She finds out that the killer is free again so she follows him around town and fucks him only to press rape-charges afterwards. That way he'll be in jail for a lifetime. In the end she sympathizes with him, and although she still hates him she drops the charges against him. It was an impressive movie because it doesn't tell all the details immediately; you have to figure things out for yourself. It was also kind of nerve wrecking because you really wanted her to kill him but eventually she is smarter than that and sets him up. What I also liked about his movie is the Scottish scenery; wow that weather is fucked up! Certainly sets the mood...

After the movie we went for a beer at a jazzclub. They had live music so that was nice. I'm not really into jazz but for some reason I quite frequently end up at jazzfestivals& jazzclubs...
I worked all night on my reports and had a measly 4 hour sleep. After I turned my reports in (faculty is 1,5 hours away) I came into town just in time to apply for a job. I hope I get the job 'cause I really need it. Now i'm just gonna cook myself some dinner, watch 'King of queens' (I loooove that big dude!) and maybe later I'm meeting some girlfriends for a drink. That is, if I don't die of exhaustion.

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