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Monday, February 19, 2007

Today I heard the results of my job interview. If you read the head of this post, you'll know what the deal is. You know what one of the reasons was for rejecting me? They didn't think I would be collegial. I don't know if that's the proper English word but I mean they thought I wasn't going to be very fraternal. I laughed at what they said, not because it's so amusing but because they may have a point there. I'm the most loyal, trustworthy friend to people I care about but if I think you're a fake or not pure in any way I'm not gonna put an effort in bonding with you. Au contraire, I might add. It has been this way all my life and it resulted in having friends that I have lots of love for and trust with my life. And also a short string of exes (haha). At work, if I don't like you I'm polite but that's all you're getting from me. So I don't know, this is just a part of me. On the other hand I think they got the wrong picture 'cause I've worked on weekends since I was 17 and always had lots of fun with co-workers. A bunch of them are still my friends after all this time. Or is this what they call in denial ;-)

I also got confronted with another aspect of myself and that's always looking if there's a better deal for me someplace else. I go appartment hunting even though I already have a really nice house. I don't wanna live with my boyfriend just yet, not that I'm cruising for another companion but there's always a piece of me that has doubts. And I go on job interviews while I already have a fine job that leaves me with zero complaints. So the next question is: do I wanna change? Is there a need to change? I think so. I believe I'll feel like a better person if I at least try to be (more) content with what I have right now.


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Bummer about the job!

February 23, 2007 at 12:06 PM 

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