It's in the bag!
Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I'm really happy! I had a job interview first thing this morning. I'm not a rise-and-shine at 6 am kinda gal and unfortunately the older I get, the earlier other people force me to wake up. So I was a bit worried they wouldn't see the smart, funny and nice girl that I can be (yeah, right!) but instead meet the grumpy, sleepy and not-so-great-looking me. Somehow everything worked out fine because at the end of the conversation they told me they'd be happy if I'd come and work for them. Yay! I'm gonna be working parttime, 24 hours a week starting this thursday. I love new experiences and working makes me feel like an independent and strong young woman.

It also means I can spend a lot more money on clothes/restaurants/beers AND save for that ticket to Vietnam. I've always been a big fan of Vietnam war movies, not to mention the 90's tv-hit Tour of Duty:-)) So if all goes well, at the end of the year I'll be walking around Ho Chi Minh just like sgt. Zeke Anderson did! (yeah, yeah, I know the series were shot in Canada or some other non-Asian country. Still wanna go to Vietnam though;-))



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