I know it seems like I don't do anything but watch movies all week but I have a life, I really do!
Friday, February 23, 2007

Had a fun evening with my girl Emily yesterday! We were cracking very stupid jokes all night. I love that we totally dig eachother's sense of humor. At work and uni I have to act like an adult (whatever that might mean) so it feels so good to hang around with a friend after work and behave like someone half my age! We went to MacDonald's first and ate a lot. After we finished that we ordered some more so we could munch at the movies like God intended;-)

We went to see the "The good shepherd". It was suprisingly good, actually. The movie has a duration of 2,5 hours and not one time did I ask myself when the torture would be over. I didn't even fall asleep. The movie made me curious about a lot of stuff and that's something I always like in films. The way Matt Damon performed in this movie reminded me of the way he acted in "The talented mr. Ripley" and we took the liberty of making lot of loud, silly remarks about that in the theatre. You should be glad you weren't there; I'm always very suprised that people don't tell us to shut the fuck up and stop being so irritating. But seriously, I really like it when Matt Damon acts all weird and inside his head. This movie and the Ripley movie are the only movies from Damon that I really love. So if you're also a fan of Damon in that way, you should really pick this one up.

After the movie we drank a few beers, to wash away the dead maggot taste that I always seem to have a few hours after eating MacDonald's just like this time. We didn't tip the waiter because he acted like an ass. To punish us for not tipping, he gave us 2 euros in 10 and 20 cent-pieces. He was so right!

p.s. Out here waiters get a normal wage, they don't have to live off tips so don't get all union-ass on me;-)

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