A not so good beginning;-)
Sunday, January 7, 2007

Newyearseve we totally went overboard. It wasn't a pretty sight. We went to our nations capital for a party. It wasn't as good as we expected, the music was great, but everything else pretty much sucked; long lines at the door (merely two bouncers for a party of 2500), long lines at the bars, nowhere to sit and chill (ppl were sitting on the floor!) and no extras like nice decorations/party favors etc. Tickets were 55 euros and for that kind of money you'd expect a little more than that. It was so obvious that it was all about the benjamins, baybee. So we got wasted pretty quick. It was a lousy decision; the party sucked, so just to make the most of it we went all the way. We had quite a few laughs, and at one point we were sitting on the stairs (totally out of our minds) and i was wishing everybody a happy newyear. When i'm kiteflyin' like that, i get really social and enthusiastic. In everyday life i'm not like that, only when i'm with my friends or other people i know. My boyfriend on the other hand is a real people person. He's the kind of guy everyone loves, from your grandma to your neighbour, to your dog. But when we're like that, he gets real introverted so it's the other way around. At one point a girl, who i had jovially wished a happy 2007 a few minutes ago, came back and asked if we wanted to sit with her in her VIP-booth. Of course we went! She was there with her girlfriend and two other boys, also a gay couple. They were all from yugoslavia and croatia but lived in Frankfurt. Free drinks and cigs, but i stuck to water;-) At one point, the girl who asked me got jealous of me and her girl chatting away, the other girl started crying, and the gay guys were just being apathic. But we just couldn't get ourselves to leave, we were so out of it! I gave my number but they haven't called; what a suprise;-) In the end we had a pretty decent time and we didn't go to sleep 'till 2 pm.

The week after that i was miserable, i couldn't eat, threw up when i tried and had constant flashbacks. It was hell, but my boyfriend took such good care of me: i'm eternally grateful. The good thing about all this is that my boyfriend and i decided this was it for us. We quit smoking and i'm putting my kite away for good. No more flying for me. I've been doin' it, recreationally, for 11 years now and i can honestly say i've had enough. It's boring the shit outta me; i've seen it all; the so-called-party-friends, the fake-flying-sex and especially the aftermath; it's just not worth it. I also HATE that my IQ drops 40 points in about an hour after i pop it. Let's move on in 2007!


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