Lil' Birthday bash
Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tonight I went for dinner with my dear friend K.J. who just broke up with her boyfriend. She was supposed to have a big ass party, you know in a club with lots a inner and outer circle people but because of all the drama we went to dinner with her mom, aunt, and three girlfriends. It was nice but also a little sad. I know how much she misses the boy and how heartbroken she is.

This weekend I went to visit one of my best male friends C who'd just opened a restaurant. I haven't seen him in a month or so and when I walked into the kitchen going apeshit cause we haven't seen eachother in such a long time I saw it. I was flabbergasted (or whatever the hell you call it). One of his front teeth was missing!! Turns out he got real drunk this weekend and went to a bar where we usually go too, and he tripped and fell and lost his damn tooth! He already had an unusual appearance; he's what you'd get when you mix Fred Flintstone with Ron Jeremy but right now :-S. To add insult to injury, he hasn't paid his insurance for the last three months, so it's gonna cost him. Ouch.
I myself was really embarassed this weekend because I went clubbing thursday and I got a bit drunk. At one point my cigarette fell to the floor and I picked it up and smoked like nothing happened. And this is coming from a girl who HATES touching money, doorknobs and the ATM buttons 'cause she thinks it's dirty. I wash my hands 25 times a day. I know, I know my story is very lame compared to his!

And now I have to work at my research thing again, I promised the manager I'd sent her my presentation tomorrow morning. Another 48 hours, and then I don't have to go there EVER again!!



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