I failed...
Friday, January 19, 2007

After our weeklong newyears hangover my boyfriend B and I decided it was time to quit smoking. I really hung in there but yesterday I went to have a few drinks with K a girlfriend of mine and I smoked three cigarettes, how weak of me. I didn't see her for 2,5 months because she was travelling through Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. I went to pick her up at a bar I've never been before. At first I didn't see K but when I told the bartender I was looking for my friend, he escorted me through a tiny door (I had to stoop, and I'm really small) that led to another sort of secret part of the bar and told me where she sat although he didn't even know me or her. That was weird. She was with two boys and the four of us were doing shots and having a good time. I loved seeing her again because she's so cool and I always feel like we really got eachother's back. We left the boys and went to two clubs and I was feeling pretty good: I love to dance and think of nothing, especially when there's so much shit flying around and hitting the fan. At the last club her ex-boyfriend came in and he's a really mean drunk; he turns into mr. Hyde just like that. She dates his former best friend right now and he totally gave her shit about it. Come on, it's three years ago, let it go man! A man and his hurt ego, always good company.

K had a very good time in Indonesia the country is beautiful, but she also told me that the people are very religious and they treat you a bit like a whore if you don't wear a headcloth. I'm ashamed of my own people when I hear stories like that.

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