Little girls night out!
Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I had a very lovely evening tonight with a good friend of mine. We had "dinner" at McDonalds (i rarely eat MacDonald's for dinner with anyone else, only with her and only when we're going to the movies) then we had some very good conversation for about and hour. After that we went to see the movie "Science of sleep". The leading man was Gael Garcia Bernal and his lady was Charlotte Gainsbourg. She's the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. I think they're the ones that sang 'je t'aime', the very funny, really horny, french love making song. And her mother was the inspiration for the Birkin-bag. It was a very (x3!) funny movie, i guess Charlotte inherited comedic timing from her parents. Mr Bernal was terrific, i love him. He has such a beautiful face. My friend is so great, literally and figurally speaking, she is almost twice as big as me and when i got tired in the middle of the movie, i put my head on her shoulder. In return she ate my last three Tic Tacs, i offered her some when i realised my mouth tasted like i ate dead maggots for dinner. Which reminds me i should never eat McDonalds with my boyfriend, ever again. I had that taste in my mouth for the rest of the movie thanks to her. After that i invested the rest of my money in beers and now i'm ready for a good night's sleep. Great friends are great finds, we must all take good care of eachother. Good night.



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