Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I had a great weekend! Saturday, my boyfriend called. He knew i wanted to go to his friend's party and in the end we decided we should go together. It was sooo funny! His friend is living together with his girlfriend and her whole family was there too. They are a bunch of boring, stuck up people, so it was not a very good party atmosphere.... until this other friend became REALLy drunk! The drunk part wasn't all that funny 'cause we know how wasted men look like but the inlaws pretended they did not!! They were totally embarrased, didn't know where to look and when he started to jump on seats to show us some dance moves(it was NOT a get up and dance type of party) and hugging everyone in the room it was just hilarious to see how the family reacted. We left before him, and the next day he didn't pick up his phone 'cause he was too ashamed haha!

The day after that we had to help one of my best pals paint and clean his new restaurant that he's just opened up yesterday. We were already late 'cause my boyfriend and i had some serious make-up-making-out to do. But after i had just painted one wall my friend decided to roll a joint and i couldn't really move afterwards, let alone paint. After dinner we tasted all his new wines and i was even more out of it, just barely able to sit on the paint-spilled floor and watch my beautiful boyfriend paint. I'm falling in love all over again and i'm feelin' pretty Goddamn great!

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