Beer, beer, beer!
Saturday, December 9, 2006

I just came home from a sleepover at one of my girlfriends. She came to pick me up yesterday evening, after i fell asleep on the couch during an episode of 'Missing' on tv. It's funny 'cause she has a scooter and everywhere we went, we had guys honking their Goddamn horns, waving at us and laughing. It makes me wonder, do they think we look hot beneath our helmets? Do they hope we look hot? Cause they couldn't have made it out. I don't know but men are pretty fuckin' stupid, what the hell were they thinkin', we could be two hairy monsters for all they know... but i don't think they care, they'd fuck anything with legs.
We went to the pub until 3 am, we had very good conversation and quite a few beers. It was great fun, i've known this girl since we were twelve, she's a very good listener and a very good storyteller. And she's definitely at the top of my trust list. It's always good to have a friend that you can tell anything, even the most embarassing facts and you know your secret's save with her. We slept in 'till 2 pm and after we had breakfast, we watched cartoons. Two episodes of 'The Rugrats' but they weren't crawling around anymore, they've become adolescents. They didn't do that when i was a child. Back then, the characters stayed the same age. It's weird and logical at the same time.
I haven't seen my boyfriend in a week, since our little window-bashing-party. We tipsy-texted yesterday night and we were supposed to go to a birthday of his friend this evening, but i think it's not gonna happen. We haven't called eachother today and something tells me i'm not gonna start.



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