The last days...
Friday, December 29, 2006

I really do like these last days of the year. A lot of people i know act as if it's nothing but i think it's special. I think of all the things that happened the past year and fantasize about all the things that will happen next... Tomorrow i'm gonna go shopping with my mom, go get myself a haircut and a complimentary massage at the Chinese hairsalon and have dinner with my boyfriend. Sunday's for a little bit of cleaning and chilling, eating at my moms house en visiting my boyfriends parents. After midnight we're going to a big party in our nations capital, murder capital nr. 1 (haha just kiddin'). We're gonna rock that damn dancefloor!! Now all i need is an outfit. Hope you have a good one!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Dad is visiting with my stepmom, he lives overseas and i haven't seen him for more than a year. He's been here for a month and had been staying with my brother and his girlfriend. So sunday my dad and his wife came over to hang out. It was all good. At midnight they left, i took a shower and i phoned my boyfriend. Then i heard noises downstairs. It definitely sounded like three armed and dangerous burglars, so i screamed and flew downstairs, leaving my boyfriend at the other end of the line in total shock;-) When i came down i saw it was my dad and his wife with a bunch of stuff. My brother and his girl were fighting and they didn't feel welcome so they came to stay with me. It's weird. They're welcome and all but they don't even know when they're going back so they can be here 'till november! That's 9 months! Oh boy...

The good thing is that i have my dad around all the time and that they cooked dinner today. The bad thing is that they are here all the time!!! Yesterday i went to a girlfriend of mine, we drank some champagne and smoked a few joints. When i left it was the whole "Do i look drunk & stoned? Am my eyes red?" routine again. I felt like a teenager. When i came home, they were already sleeping but he came to say hi to me on the stairs, i was paranoid haha. And to think i left home when i was fourteen. I was a real pain in the ass growing up and it looks like i have to pay for it, BIG time, now. Oh well, we'll have to take it one day at a time. Thank God for our good senses of humour!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I had a great weekend! Saturday, my boyfriend called. He knew i wanted to go to his friend's party and in the end we decided we should go together. It was sooo funny! His friend is living together with his girlfriend and her whole family was there too. They are a bunch of boring, stuck up people, so it was not a very good party atmosphere.... until this other friend became REALLy drunk! The drunk part wasn't all that funny 'cause we know how wasted men look like but the inlaws pretended they did not!! They were totally embarrased, didn't know where to look and when he started to jump on seats to show us some dance moves(it was NOT a get up and dance type of party) and hugging everyone in the room it was just hilarious to see how the family reacted. We left before him, and the next day he didn't pick up his phone 'cause he was too ashamed haha!

The day after that we had to help one of my best pals paint and clean his new restaurant that he's just opened up yesterday. We were already late 'cause my boyfriend and i had some serious make-up-making-out to do. But after i had just painted one wall my friend decided to roll a joint and i couldn't really move afterwards, let alone paint. After dinner we tasted all his new wines and i was even more out of it, just barely able to sit on the paint-spilled floor and watch my beautiful boyfriend paint. I'm falling in love all over again and i'm feelin' pretty Goddamn great!

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Beer, beer, beer!
Saturday, December 9, 2006

I just came home from a sleepover at one of my girlfriends. She came to pick me up yesterday evening, after i fell asleep on the couch during an episode of 'Missing' on tv. It's funny 'cause she has a scooter and everywhere we went, we had guys honking their Goddamn horns, waving at us and laughing. It makes me wonder, do they think we look hot beneath our helmets? Do they hope we look hot? Cause they couldn't have made it out. I don't know but men are pretty fuckin' stupid, what the hell were they thinkin', we could be two hairy monsters for all they know... but i don't think they care, they'd fuck anything with legs.
We went to the pub until 3 am, we had very good conversation and quite a few beers. It was great fun, i've known this girl since we were twelve, she's a very good listener and a very good storyteller. And she's definitely at the top of my trust list. It's always good to have a friend that you can tell anything, even the most embarassing facts and you know your secret's save with her. We slept in 'till 2 pm and after we had breakfast, we watched cartoons. Two episodes of 'The Rugrats' but they weren't crawling around anymore, they've become adolescents. They didn't do that when i was a child. Back then, the characters stayed the same age. It's weird and logical at the same time.
I haven't seen my boyfriend in a week, since our little window-bashing-party. We tipsy-texted yesterday night and we were supposed to go to a birthday of his friend this evening, but i think it's not gonna happen. We haven't called eachother today and something tells me i'm not gonna start.


Little girls night out!
Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I had a very lovely evening tonight with a good friend of mine. We had "dinner" at McDonalds (i rarely eat MacDonald's for dinner with anyone else, only with her and only when we're going to the movies) then we had some very good conversation for about and hour. After that we went to see the movie "Science of sleep". The leading man was Gael Garcia Bernal and his lady was Charlotte Gainsbourg. She's the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. I think they're the ones that sang 'je t'aime', the very funny, really horny, french love making song. And her mother was the inspiration for the Birkin-bag. It was a very (x3!) funny movie, i guess Charlotte inherited comedic timing from her parents. Mr Bernal was terrific, i love him. He has such a beautiful face. My friend is so great, literally and figurally speaking, she is almost twice as big as me and when i got tired in the middle of the movie, i put my head on her shoulder. In return she ate my last three Tic Tacs, i offered her some when i realised my mouth tasted like i ate dead maggots for dinner. Which reminds me i should never eat McDonalds with my boyfriend, ever again. I had that taste in my mouth for the rest of the movie thanks to her. After that i invested the rest of my money in beers and now i'm ready for a good night's sleep. Great friends are great finds, we must all take good care of eachother. Good night.


Feelin' weird
Monday, December 4, 2006

Today i went to check out an appartment. I've been applying for appartments for the last 2 years, i have a nice house right now but you never know, maybe there'll be another better & cheaper one just waiting for me to crash in. We went and the shared staircase smelled like pee. Lots of it. There were a bunch of people who also came to view the place. When they started roaming around i went to the landlady and she said i was the first one on the list, meaning that i could have it if i wanted to. Of course i didn't want the pee-smelling-place! We left and it made me feel more empty because maybe that's the thing with me and boyfriends. I always check them out, wanting to see if they're any good but in the end i always think they're not good for me. I'm beginning to think it's me. The other viewers weren't appalled by the appartment and they stayed and looked around. Maybe i'm just a quick quitter.


Sunday, December 3, 2006

Also to cheer myself up i've been surfing the gossipsites and lookin' at some candy... I've definitely hit rock bottom! And it's makin' me smile;-)


me myself and i

I'm so feeling sorry for myself, i'm online since i've been up, listening to songs that reflect how i'm feeling right now. It's funny 'cause all the songs are nowhere to be found in my own cd collection. But maybe that's a good thing, 'cause it means i don't feel like this very often. Tomorrow i have to start 'working' again. I'm an intern at a medium sized organisation. It's an ok place for an internship, peeps are nice but i'm not in the mood for keeping up appearances right now.


Bye bye
Saturday, December 2, 2006

I had a huge fight with my boyfriend today. It was so ugly, we broke eachothers windows. Damnit. I hate to see friendships crumble, but what am I gonna do about it? That's today's question. What do I wanna do? I wanna get real drunk RIGHT NOW. But i know that's not a good idea, i should just go to bed (it's 3:44 am where i'm at). And I'd probably just get into a argument with the bartender for chasing his customers away with my red crying-eyes-from-hell. I'm quite a looker right now! I'd take a picture for you to see& look away, but "he" has our camera. Sleep tight everyone.


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